Produce more with the same resources!

We help to gather information into one place, making planning easier through visual real-time review.

What do I get?

Eziil production technology is like a tool, which if put in the hands of a proficient user brings him or her closer to the desired target. Systemization and tracking is what makes it possible. You reap what You sow! Our vision is to enable You to reach intelligent production step by step and enjoy the journey there.


Eziil enables You to establish standard processes to follow in production. It gives the framework, which enables the people to focus better on what is expected of them.


With systemization and tracking You will achieve efficient production. Find out each worker’s contribution and achieve efficient production, increasing motivation and thereby productivity.

Production cost per unit

Know the cost of production and ask a fair price. When efficiency rises production cost per unit decreases and you are more profitable and competitive.


Plan, act, analyze - this leads inevitably to better results. Hindsight knowledge becomes smarter decisions today and the quality increases.


By reducing wasted time, You will reach efficient production, which enables the company to earn more profit and become more competitive.


Precise tracking of stocks, managing production and sales enables You to decrease stocks. Better to have real money on the bank account, than in the storage or in the production plant.


With the help of Eziil You will know exactly how much machine resources and materials You need to fulfil sales orders. With the help of our planning tool You can buy all the materials and plan all the work taking into account the current stock. Additionally You can plan the order of production and each process in real time. The change you plan and implement reaches the factory in seconds!


For the worker in the factory the information is always visible in real time. According to the plan he/she always knows what is expected of him/her next. The plan can change quickly, but he/she always sees in real time, what is expected of him/her and how far along in the plan he/she is. This makes the production process transparent and easily manageable.

Production overview

All processes related to production are gathered into one view, which enables You to see what the status is with each product produced. Knowing if it has taken more than planned, if processes are completed on-time and if the reached quantity has been produced gives control over the whole production, in real time! You don’t have to guess, You know!

Analysis of the results

All information related to production, planning and processes done is recorded. Based on that it is possible to deduce what went well and what could be done better next time. Learning from experience enables You to continually achieve better results. What can be tracked, can be improved!

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