Eziil Production Intelligence OÜ participates in the "Norway Grants "Green ICT" programme"
We are glad to announce that we have received a financing decision for the application we submitted for the "Norway Grants "Green ICT" programme" which is carried out by Enterprise Estonia. Based on the specifics of our idea, we applied in the Green Industry Innovation category.
The goal of the project

The objective of Eziil's development project is to upgrade its existing production software to offer both existing and new customers at home and abroad even more opportunities to achieve more intelligent and efficient production through systematization and tracking. The "EZIIL" platform to be developed is suited for small and medium-sized production companies that do not currently have an overview of their production processes and also do not use software for optimizing their activities. EZIIL is specially designed for manufacturing companies with project-based production processes.

Expected results of the project

The platform that will be developed will help to make the work of project-based production companies much more efficient by reducing the burden on the organisation's management staff and inventory resources, improving productivity and delivery accuracy for both suppliers and the company, increasing order management capability, decreasing the number of errors due to inter-departmental information exchange and reducing the stress level of employees.

• EZIIL is modular and flexible, while adhering to the industry standards. In addition to the standardized parts, EZIIL enables quick and flexible design and integration of modules/components, meeting the specific needs of each manufacturing company.

• EZIIL enables quick and flexible integration with other systems (accounting software etc.) and hardware used within the company.

• EZIIL is designed in a way that it could be deployable in parts, enabling quick and flexible integration of supplementary modules.

• EZIIL enables quicker deployment with smaller costs.

• EZIIL can measure the environmental footprint of its users, providing a CO2 validation certification for the produced products.


Mobi Lab OÜ

Thorgate Digital OÜ

Energex Energy Experts OÜ

Nordic Shelter Production OÜ

Nordic Shelter AS

VMT Tehased AS

Budget: 1 733 862€

Period: 30 months (01.08.2020-31.01.2023)


August 2020 - October 2020

We had a project kickoff event where all the project partners participated and we made preparations for developments in the next period.
Mapped down validation partner's issues to keep the focus on these during the development phase.

Also developed new functionalities like:

database for standard materials;
standardized article groups;
opportunity to add machines and operations to product orders.

November 2020 - January 2021

We worked with identification and security and
developed new functionalities like:

structure reuse logic;
universal Excel import;
drag n drop solution.

February 2021 - April 2021

During this period we developed the following functionalities:

standard routing logic;
opportunity to use multi-select to set operations;
documents printout;
back-end integrations;
RFID tags solution.

Contact us

Project manager: Maido Janke
Tel: +372 5196 6500
E-mail: info@eziil.com
Project information: In Estonian / In English

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